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Contact our team today at 631- 925-8552 and get a free estimate for any of the services that we offer. If you hire us to do the job we will work hard and smart until your expectations are exceeded.

Remodeling Services

We can help with any part of your remodeling project. Whether you need, we are here for you! With us your dream will come true, we have a very good prices and we offers different Remodeling services, we work hard for offer an excellent service and we always work on time if you need more information or hire our services call us and get more information about all the services that we have for you.

Kitchen Remodeling

 At C Jaimes Construction, we work with kitchen remodels covering all sizes, styles, and budgets. Our professional team of kitchen designers and installation specialists use only the best tools and materials for the job, helping you to get the kitchen of your dreams within your budget.

Whether you’re building a new kitchen from scratch, remodeling your old kitchen, or renovating your existing kitchen to give it a fresher look, the team here at Kitchen Infinity is able to fulfill your needs, inspire you with creative ideas, and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

Our professional kitchen fitters work with classic, modern, and transitional kitchen styles, using design elements from various eras and design trends to piece together a perfect coherent space that feels both comfortable and chic. Every kitchen is unique and requires a specific vision – allow us to help you today.

Bathroom Remodeling

People seem to get very excited about remodeling a bathroom. The transformation is often remarkable. A well-designed bathroom will be enjoyed at the start and end to each day.

The problem is however that the process can get overwhelming with so many style and price options for fixtures, tiles, wall coverings, cabinets and all the other details that go into a quality project.

With the help of our trusted network of suppliers we will assist you in finding the perfect fixtures and finishes to compliment your overall vision and keep your project within your desired budget.

For that reason, you need to hire us! we have the best Team for work in your bathroom and always we working with high and cost- effectiveness standard in all the industry. Call us and get more information about all the services that we offer and ask about out promotion.


Repair your patios is one of the most important projects that our customers hire, because they know that patios add elegance and different style at their home, for all these reasons here at C Jaimes Construction, offer the best services in Patios Repair and Installation services we always work hard and Smar because in our mind our customers are always our#1 priority.


The professionals at C Jaime Construction can also install a new concrete sidewalk for your home where one did not exist before. Expand the walkway in front of your house or create additional walking paths for your future customers, the possibilities are endless.

Is your sidewalk a little worse for the wear? Cracks, chips, and uneven surfaces can be more than just unsightly, they can also be dangerous. Neighbors or customers are walking on your sidewalk every day and a faulty sidewalk could be a trip hazard. Did you know, in Commack, NY. most home and business owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk on their property? C Jaime Construction can repair your sidewalk quickly and affordably.


Concrete is one of the most popular building materials for sidewalks, patios, and of course, driveways. Concrete is strong, durable, low-maintenance, and offers a lifespan of up to 50 years under the right conditions.  With a concrete driveway, you can put the finishing touch on your home or building and at C Jaime Construction, we can help you do it!

At C Jaime Construction, we’ve spent many years perfecting our driveway services for homeowners and business owners. For every concrete driveway, we work to provide a safe, stable place for your vehicles while also boosting curb appeal. And with our skills and knowledge, we can have your installation completed quickly and affordably. Our team of concrete experts can help you design the perfect driveway including the size, shape, placement, and more. Contact us today and get a free estimate!

Pools Installation & Maintenance

A pool adds joy to life. Brings you closer to the people you love. And adds lasting value to your home by making it more attractive and appealing to future buyers.

In choosing C Jaimes Construction to provide your inground swimming pool installation, you are guaranteed a lifetime of summer enjoyment. And rest assured that Our Pools is built to last – through summer after summer of swimming, splashing, and just plain fun!


Concrete Block are known for their strength and durability. However, today they are more than just building blocks. Texture and color combinations are endless with the products that are available on the market.

C Jaime Construction, we have 24 years of experience working with Blocks Projects Commack, NY. Block also contributes to sustainable design through its long-life span, energy efficiency, durability, local availability, acoustic insulation, low construction waste, and potential for reuse. Construction time is often made shorter than other conventional construction types. Contact our team to get a free estimate on your next block masonry project!


Today, clay masonry or “brick” has proven its contributing role in green building and sustainable design. Having been used as a building material for thousands of years, brick is made primarily from clay and shale, two of the most abundant natural resources.

Bricks derive their strength from molecular bond achieved in the baking process. Brick also contributes to sustainable design through its long-life span, energy efficiency, durability, recycled content, local availability, acoustic insulation, low construction waste, and potential for reuse. Finally, modern brick manufacturing incorporates many sustainable practices of its own and has captured great production efficiencies that reduce it environment impact.

Here in C Jaime Construction, we offer brick projects for residential or commercial properties. We can install bricks in many different projects like a new BBQ! Contact our team today if you need a brick project done for your property! We are by far the best option and we cover Commack, NY and its surrounding communities.

Bricks works


If you want to build or redesign your old step. C Jaime Construction is the right company for do these services with more than 24 years of experience we work hard and smart for provide the best services possible, don’t waste more your time and hire our professional services, we are happy to help you in all the things that you need.


Walkways are a wonderful way to greet your friends, family, clients, or other pedestrians. With a well-paved walkway from C Jaime Construction, you can invite people into your home or business with charm and give them a sense of comfort. Walkways are also a wonderful accent to architecture of any size and can be lit at night for an extra design impact on passers-by.

Walkways Installation & Repair
Walkways Installation (2)

Whether you’re looking for an asphalt walkway, a concrete walkway, or a paver walkway installation, our experts can help. We’ll help you create the perfect design for any structure, whether it’s a small home or an industrial corporation. Additionally, you could install a walkway simply for an aesthetic benefit or to give your visitors a path of exploration. No matter what purpose your walkway serves, we’d be happy to help build it.